Who we are

Meet the team!

We are the ones responsible for making your BlingBlocks! 



 Family members Greg and Kane are the uncle and nephew founders of Team BlingBlock. Both keen runners having dozens of Marathons, Half Marathons and 10K's between them, collecting all the bling from these events.

Greg was looking for a special display to showcase special medals for 1st events and PB's etc and couldn't find anything individual, bespoke and collectible so between them BlingBlock was born and designed!

We want our product to be bespoke to the specific event/Achievement that has been completed or achieved that both looks great and comes in at a fair price to our customers.

The concept is simple and customer centric, you place a Block in your cart, post checkout we immediately email a template for you to complete with your requirements, you ping that back and you're good to go! Your BlingBlock is then designed and dispatched within a couple of days - We ship worldwide.

So if it's your First, Last, Quickest, Most prestigious achievement or anything else, once you earn it #Earnitblockit