How it works

This page will explain how the process works to ensure your BlingBlock is perfect!


Step 1: Pick the style of your block i.e Square or Round hole design!

Step 2: Place your order and provide your email address.

Step 3: Upon receiving your order we will then contact you to find out the details of the event we need to create your block!

Step 4: You will then receive your custom made BlingBlock(s) in the post.

And that's it!


Once you've received your block there is some assembly required, all of the necessary items are included, and assembly is really simple! But just to clear it all up here's how to do it:



Step 1: Remove the protective packaging.

Step 2: Place your background on top of the back plate.

*OPTIONAL* If your medal has a ribbon and you'd like to leave this attached there is a slot cut into the back plate, once you've positioned your background on it use a pair of scissors or a knife to pop a hole so that you can feed your ribbon through.

Step 3: Use the sticky pads provided to secure the medal onto the background and place your details insert in the appropriate space.

*TOP TIP* You can place the middle layer of the block over your medal and insert to ensure they are in the correct place!

Step 4: Once the medal is secured and the details insert properly placed, place the middle and top sections of the block over the top.

Step 5: Put the Standoff screws through each of the four holes and tighten.

And that's it! After this find where you want to hang the block and hang it!